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Posting Redux

Poem from entry posted 2004-08-12 15:14
The fire has dimmed to a soft glow,
new wood is needed to rekindle the
gentle coals back into a bonfire.
Past friends and lovers have burned
into the soft coals of fond memory.

To find the new wood for the fire
the coals must be left behind.
Not forever, not even for long,
but just a foray into the forest.

That search may yield much.
There will be old wood
on the forest floor.
There will be new wood to
be gathered for the future.

The effort and adventure are
both the means and the end
to a new fire that will warm and beckon.

Prayer for a seeker (posted: 2005-07-04 08:14)
Please keep the questions clear,
the answers true,
and give me the strength
for the task that lies ahead.