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Star Dreck

Got the new Star Trek movie from Netflicks only to find out it was just another mind-numbing action movie, you can fast forward though most (60%) of it without missing anything of importance. The new nacelle design looks like a pair of large breasts sitting atop the ship! I'm not far from being a purist because there were items that I liked about it: Zachary was good as Spock, Karl Urban as Bones, and Simon Pegg (who was in Dr. Who "The Long Game" as The Editor) good as Scotty...with a darn better accent than the original! The interior of the ship was okay...hard to tell since it was designed for film screen instead of a TV screen.

Updating for "modern audiences" sometimes doesn't work well even with the "alternate timeline" theory of the way the story unfolded. Plus they just didn't explain some stuff. What the hell is the deus ex machina of "red matter?" A small drop takes down a nova or planet, would think that huge glob should have taken out millions of parsecs.

Sadly, it will win awards solely because it has "Star Trek" in the title & JJ Abrams in the credits instead of on merit. I'm glad I didn't spend $10 to see it in the theatre, but then I'm not in the target 18-35 male demographic.

0912.13 edit: Expanded some thoughts.